You've worked hard to build a quality business network and carefully build trust in your client relationships... 


It's about time all of that hard work started paying off!

Annuitize your business relationships!

Create an ongoing revenue stream that's as easy as facilitating an introduction to a Qualified Referral. 

Qualified Referrals are decision makers or buying influencers involved in the purchase and decision-making process for new technology solutions. 

When your qualified referral turns into closed business, you get 25% of the revenue received - for the Lifetime of the client.

Any business line of service your qualified referral places through us becomes an ongoing source of revenue! 

When we make money, so do you!

As they add additional lines of service, your recurring revenue grows!


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We will contact you before connecting with your referral, every time... Guaranteed! 

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It really is that simple!






We cannot offer referral revenue to employees of the company procuring services or executives involved in those purchase decisions. 


We do, however, treat those folks to a nice thank-you meal and an invitation to our next event! 


Our job isn't to sell anyone anything... It's to help people that are buying technology solutions for their business make better decisions and get better outcomes.  


Our clients optimize their technology spend to get the best mileage and value from their budget to free up human capital for human interactions.