Charity Partner of The Year

What do Superman, a U.S. President, an Artist, a Musician, a King, and an Astro-Physicist have in common?


Christopher Reeve, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Frida Kahlo, Itzhak Perlman, King Philip II and Steven Hawking were all bound to a wheelchair at some point in their lives...

Of all of the celebrity deaths in 2018, the hardest for our CEO - Brian Andersen - was the passing of Stephen Hawking.

 "Hawking's work in 'A Brief History of Time' was life-changing for me" reflects Andersen.  "When you stop to think about the awesome technology incorporated into Mr. Hawking's chair, and how it allowed him to resist his degeneration in his struggle with ALS, how that empowered him to make massive contributions to Humanity's understanding of theoretical physics... it makes you think... how many other people in this world have something to share with us, but can't, because they're trapped somewhere unable to access the resources they need to be the next amazing contributor to our ongoing development as a species?"

"Our partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission is a direct homage to Mr. Hawking, and all of those who occupy a wheelchair for their mobility, that are giving back to the world and to communities that may not understand them or what they're capable of achieving."

Our goal is to fill a container - 550 wheelchairs - to be distributed to those in need across the globe.  Every internet circuit, phone system, cloud infrastructure deployment, marketing automation solution, unified communications platform, local network architecture, video surveillance, emerging technology or any other solution we assist with qualifies for this program. 

Telecomprehensive Solutions is donating 1 wheelchair to the Free Wheelchair Mission for every new business line of service we write through December 31st, 2019.

It is our hope that the gift of mobility will find a brilliant mind that has been looking for an opportunity to access the world and could be the next great leader in any field, especially those related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)

To donate one or more chairs today, please click here.

Your assistance in changing lives is greatly appreciated!

There are 3 ways you can help, starting today, and it only takes one of them to get started.

1) Call us to talk about your business technology needs

2) Refer someone whose business has technology needs

3) Donate directly - CLICK HERE

If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a conversation with us, please refer them. 

This program is in addition to everything else we do.  We believe the more you give, the better you live.  

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.  Please consider us for your technology solutions needs, and refer us to companies who may need our assistance, so we can assist others in turn.

You can learn more about our referral program here